Privacy Policy

I, Alexa Grave, understand how important your privacy is, and any personal information you provide on my Websites ( and or for my Newsletters won't be used in any way other than what's detailed below.

When you fill out the website Contact form or sign up for my Newsletters, I collect the following information:

❦ Email Address
❦ First Name
❦ Surname (Optional)

In regards to the Contact form, I will only use the information to reply back to you. And when you submit your personal information to sign up for my Newsletters, I will only use it to add you to the requested mailing list, a list you may unsubscribe from at any time. If you unsubscribe from my Newsletters, you are welcome to request for your personal information to be completely deleted from my records.

At no time will I share your personal data with a third party, unless obligated to legally.

I use the service MailerLite for my Newsletters, and as such all information listed above is stored and secured in their database, only for the express use of my Author Newsletter or ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) Newsletter.

My Websites also have embedded Cookies, including Google Analytics, Goodreads, and Twitter. Google Analytics collects data on who visits my sites, and I will not share that data with a third party, unless legally obligated to. Goodreads and Twitter cookies simply allow me to include the widgets/buttons from both services on my sites and may track you when you click any of the links on the widgets/buttons for those services.

You may at any time contact me to ask about your personal data and the use of it as I've detailed above.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you may contact me, Alexa Grave, via my website Contact form or at