It calls It beckons, forcing my mind one step closer
But my magick alone is not enough
So heavy, so pressing against my temples
Someone is needed to stand by my side, to share this burden
I cannot walk through alone
A magickal consort is needed
Where is he?
Why won't he help me?

The dust swirls and settles about my feet
Hood hiding my face
I stand in a barren wasteland
Many are here, but all are alone
The arch shimmers in the distance
Demanding my presence
But I must reach it with another
Where is he?
Why won't he help me?

Garbled thoughts echo within
It's been so long since I've felt my magick sink into my bones
Something's missing, something that's needed
For my magick to live I need a partner
My magick breathes off of other magick
It chokes without a consort to hold it up
Feeling it weaken, tears dot my cheeks
Where is he?
Why won't he help me?

© 2001 Alexa Grave

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