Rescue Me

My heart is still, for but a moment in time.
My third eye gazes on the past,
Wondering if what it sees will also be the future.

My soul turns back, not knowing where it lost its way.
The destiny I was to attain is no more,
For it drowns in the waters of dreams, of lies and deception.

As its lungs fill with fluid . . . taking one last breath?
Only one thing can rescue my fate.
If only to be granted that one fantasy, survival shall become tangible.

Belief and what lies ahead are intertwined lovers,
But even they can choke themselves
With passion, impatience, and the will to thrive.

Lingering relentlessly, I search for the path that led me astray.
Destruction takes over by walking backwards,
For the hurt grows as I again see the visions I have already left behind.

My search has no light when I scream in the wrong direction.
What has been cannot resuscitate hope;
What will be has the rare power of bestowing one's greatest wish.

Seeking the past, I fight the current, but it proves too strong.
My senses release and the waterfall envelops me.
The drug I seek is not found within what has come before.

Maybe I shall find the ambrosia and nectar which my body craves,
If I no longer turn to the bridges I have crossed;
For, unknown, the future may harbor what has fallen from them.

Existence in the past is not needed to carry the lessons at my side.
My soul shall again find its true place,
For in the eyes of a dreamer, rescue is always possible, with one element . . . love.

© 1999 Alexa Grave

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