Oh, Wait, There Is Something To See Here...

Looks like you've stumbled on the super sneaky page of my website. You're in luck, because you just might be able to get one of my stories or books for free!

Terms and Conditions

❦ There are only 13 copies of the title below available for free, in ebook format only. First come, first serve.
❦ Only 1 copy per person.
❦ Please do not copy or distribute the free ebook, as it is protected by Copyright Law.
❦ If you stumble on this page and would like a copy of the title below, please use my website Contact form and include the following information in the body of the message: Preference of EPUB or MOBI format (I won't send PDF copies), why you're interested in reading the available title, and the super secret code... CRAZYFAIRIES (I will only send a free copy with the proper code).
❦ If you're one of the lucky 13, I'll send you the ebook as an attachment to the email address you provide in the Contact form. I won't use this contact information for anything other than sending the ebook.

And the current free title is...

Fractured Fairies: Immortal Woes & Ode to Buses and Libraries

You can visit the Fractured Fairies series page for more information on this title, or you can pop on over to Amazon and read the summary there.